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Coursera Final Project

Suggesting Ideal Location to open a Restaurant in Reno Metropolitan area 1. Introduction 1.1 Background The Reno area is growing due to big companies like Tesla, Panasonic, Google, Apple and Amazon coming in. There are opportunities for small businesses to support the growing population. Investors, with background in restaurant industry, are interested in opening a new restaurant in the Reno area to capture the opportunity. 1.2 Problem This research will identify possible store locations with their competitive advantage and rank them from most favorable to least favorable. 1.3 Interest This is a big investment and location is the first decision that investors need to make. To better ensure the success of their investment, they would like to know where should they open the store and how is the competitive advantage they have based on the location 2. Data acquisition and cleaning 2.1 Data sources Main data source is obtained through Foursquare API call. We will cap