R and Shiny App, a path from data engineering to web app deployment in one language

In data analytics, nowadays, R and Python are the most popular languages among data professional beside SQL. I am struggling myself to identify which language to focus. I also saw a lot of questions about this topic and there is no clear answer. The general idea is to pick one and be good at it then traverse to the other if needed.

In my opinion, R and Python are pretty compatible in analytic field. Recently, this changed when RStudio came up with Shiny App. This allows us to create data layer and UI layer (HTML, Javascript) with only R. After that, without standing up a web server to house your application, you can publish your app to shinyapp.io and ready for consumption. With this, my love for R grew bigger than Python ... at the moment :D

I have developed the following simple Guessing Game, deployed and ready for consumption within 30 mins. To my fellow developer coming from business side, it is true that you can now develop and deploy a web app, dashboard by yourself with R.

Please comment below if you have any question or idea about R and Shiny App capability.

You can find the source code here.

07/25/20: Update using Flexdashboard: Guessing Game V2


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